Hi, I'm Crystal, the founder of the Favored Daughters community and the creator of His Heart, His Mind, His Daughter™ online course. I'm also a marriage and family therapist, spiritual daughterhood coach,  and an unapologetic lover of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, and the Blessed Virgin Mary—the highly favored daughter of God and our Mother!

As a wife and mom, I firmly embrace the Creator's plan for family life and believe that "the future of humanity passes by way of the family" as St. Pope John Paul II rightly taught us. Being a daughter of the Church, I cherish the gift of our faith and work to strengthen Catholic women in their lofty call to imitate Mary's resolved example of a life lived in union and communion with the Living God.

A Moment of Grace Changed Everything

I created His Heart, His Mind, His Daughter ™ to help Catholic women with life experiences that have led them to believe they're unloved, unwanted, abandoned or
alone to discover the enduring love, acceptance, and freedom God makes possible through his gift of spiritual daughterhood in Christ.

Favored Daughters is the community that fuels the transformation the course offers. It's a faithful, safe place to come together in mutual support to learn and practice new skills and ways of being that facilitate lasting change in the hearts and minds of our members.

The name 'Favored Daughters' reflects the great dignity we've be given and serves as a call to action for our open ourselves to the healing graces of the Holy Spirit who alone can transform us and guide us to renewed hope, peace, and joy in Christ!

Then, a moment of grace arrived that changed everything for me, immediately and irrevocably.

Like many women, I carried hidden pain and loneliness for a long time. A difficult childhood in foster care left me feeling sad, frustrated, uneasy and out of place in this world. No matter how much outward success I achieved, I could never truly silence the negative thoughts about being unloved and unwanted. It robbed me of my joy and prevented me from experiencing God's peace in daily life.

I was reading a passage in Genesis where God is speaking to Adam after the fall and experienced a profound inner awareness of God as my Father. With sudden and absolute clarity, I understood that I was created with intention and was deeply, unquestionably loved for who I was. Just as God loved Adam unconditionally, so too did He love me. It was so very simple and yet so very profound. I also realized that being God's child was a very BIG deal. I wanted nothing more than to become what He loved and love him in return. I accepted my need to change old attitudes and behaviors that were unbecoming of a child of God.  Acceptance, peace, and freedom replaced so much fear and doubt. I was no longer alone...and knew I had never been unloved or unwanted. From that point on, my heart and mind were transformed—and continues to be transformed by Christ. I've enjoyed a loving Father-daughter relationship ever since. I know our LORD longs to do this and more for you too!


Being on this path myself, I know that a new life of joy isn't just possible for you—it's your birthright in Christ. So, I invite you to take your rightful place as a beloved daughter of God. You may wish to start by exploring the free resources in the Bloom Library, a collection of on-the-go audio inspiration and guided reflections with printable worksheets to guide you, and some well-loved prayers to uplift your spirit and more. Or, if you're ready to leap into the transformation that can be yours, apply for early access to Favored Daughter's signature 6-week course His Heart, His Mind, His Daughter™.

Welcome home, beloved sister, I look forward to supporting you in your journey!


Unum est Necessarium

With God, everything is possible for you!

My story

the fatherly goodness of God

mary's motherhood

A Beloved Daughter's Fiat

We are not orphans! We acknowledge and accept God's gift of a Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and:

  • Accept our responsibility to understand Mary's proper role in our salvation as Mother of the Church
  • Embrace with love and personal devotion Mary, as our Mother in the order of grace, whom God has willed and empowered to assist us in all our needs as his beloved children
  • Strive to allow Mary to care for us as her beloved daughters
In response to the overwhelming fatherly Goodness of God we choose to:
  • believe in God’s love for us and the great dignity of being his child 
  • hope entirely in his merciful love and goodness as we cooperate with his grace to cultivate our life for his glory
  • strive to live sacramentally close to him according to our state in life. 
  • to remember our dignity and live out this great privilege according to the teachings of our LORD Jesus Christ as revealed and entrusted to the Magisterium of his Church.

We are daughters of God by grace and celebrate this indelible mark upon our souls with joyful gratitude. We understand that Spiritual daughterhood is the gift of being God’s child—bestowed upon us when he incorporated us into Christ by Baptism. [CCC 1694]

We rejoice in...

Read the full Beloved Daughter's Fiat that our members are asked to acknowledge and strive toward. We're not for everyone, of course, but we may be just right for you! 

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