My Catholic sisters, I'd like to welcome you home. Favored Daughters is your safe haven and a place to learn, grow, and experience sisterhood in Christ, through my signature course, His Heart, His Mind, His Daughter™—away from all the striving and struggles of daily life. Here, we come as ourselves, to talk, share, and truly be seen. Through the power of God's grace, intentional action, and community, we rejoice, grow, and flourish together in our dignity as beloved daughters of God. Come, join us!

You Are Created to Love and Destined for Joy! 

Discover the Gifts of Spiritual Daughterhood

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Beloved Sister, I See Your Struggle ....

with grace, guidance, and the support of your sisters, you can:

  • conquer the negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that burden you
  • breakthrough loneliness and grow in godly confidence 
  • cultivate a peaceful, quiet mind, and a joyful heart.
Favored Daughters offers a variety of ways to connect, learn, implement, and gain skills through our  community-powered course, His Heart, His Mind, His Daughter™ that facilitates experience-based transformation through engagement-oriented activities such as uplifting workshops, live events, small group coaching, and much more.

With godly friendship and our Catholic faith guiding us, we discover more deeply the love and acceptance that heals and transforms our hearts and minds as we grow in resilience, courage, hope, and yes—joy! 

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.

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Spiritual daughterhood in Christ is a journey. I believe it should be a joyful one of hope, surrounded by women who support and encourage you—women like you who are walking the same path, who share your faith, affirm your values, and desire to grow as faithful daughters of God. 

Favored Daughters is a learning community dedicated to helping you transform your heart and mind for the glory of God. His Heart, His Mind, His Daughter™ is the signature course of our community. We offer both self-guided and community-powered opportunities to learn so you can access the support, new skills, knowledge, and accountability you need to undergo the personal transformation you desire.

Faithful, Graceful Transformation

with the Favored Daughters Community

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Hello beloved sister, I'm Crystal!

Affirming the wellbeing of Catholic women at the deepest, most meaningful level—in their dignity as beloved daughters of God, that's my call and why I'm delighted to be here.

It's also why I transitioned from a 17-year-career as a psychotherapist, and later as an executive in the non-profit world over 9 years ago now, to follow His invitation to serve in a new journeying with you.


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A Well-Ordered Heart and Mind

(Inspired by the
Litany of Trust prayer)